By Sergej Komkov


Capturing your special day, capturing your moments.

I absolutely love weddings. Love seeing people smiling, happy, dancing and even crying at those very emotional moments between the two people. The key to  good wedding photography is just relax and capture the day. Listen and observe than capture what’s happening in front of me , this is my technique.


...things happen ...

The feeling of the energy of the crowd whether it is busy event, night club, bar or underground rave is incredible and quite something very special. I love being involved, being in the crowd. Being elbowed, stomped on my feet and kicked (all by accident of course) is something that is a part of it. The result speaks for itself in my selection of nightlife photographs.


Part of the action

Through out the years of experience in photography I always follow the phrase that just got stuck in my head forever. The phrase is by Robert Capa and its “When you are not good enough you are not close enough” – the phrase is self explanatory and the rule I always follow. This same rule I also followed during GCGF charity boxing event, closer, more impact, more detail.