Sergej Komkov

Sergej Komkov


This is my story.

Have you ever noticed at school there would be someone at the back of the classroom doodling and drawing?

This was me, art is something that I have always found to be therapeutic and healing.

I am Sergej, a Nationally Recognised Artist and I am from Lithuania.

I came to the UK when I was 14 and studied Art at Hull College. I progressed to study at Hull School of Art and Design and gained my BA in Lens Based Media. My BA allowed me to build a visual foundation of aesthetics and composition which enabled me to develop my abilities as an artist.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who loves to work with various mediums such as Digital Arts, Cameras, painting on Canvas, Walls and anything I can get my hands onto!

I find that working on art helps me fight anxiety – “Only art allows me to concentrate and focus my chaotic, busy mind.”

As a child aged 10, I studied the Fine Arts then at 14 I moved to the UK and studied Photography. I progressed to making photo-montage images from photographs, eventually got into Digital Art and Graphic Design.

Digital Art and Graphic Design was out of my comfort zone. As a result of the work I have been doing, I have exhibited my work in various Art Galleries and during 2019 I won the National Express Coach Design Competition!

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