The final outcome isn't "final" anymore.

A few years ago I developed a strong interest in digital art which then lead me to produce digital pattern images.

I think this is very deep-rooted in my Russian culture and specifically traditional Russian ornament art, also known as Slavic traditional ornament. Some of my other influences come from Lubov Popova – the Russian graphic designer and artist who also produced basic pattern work in her images.

I have been developing my own digital art style by creating a basic 2D model or a sketch if you like, of a robot (which later on I renamed into Characters) which then multiplied and placed next to each other. That practice has opened so many new doors within the actual positioning of the characters and its location on the blank canvas.

I then started rotating, cutting, adding, attaching them together, and the possibilities became truly endless. From a very basic, flat, simple image (character) I’ve been able to build a noticeable, almost step-by-step progress through design images. I also believe that this is still at it’s infant stage regardless of the progress I’ve made so far, there is still a lot to work on as I mentioned earlier; when there is crop,  copy, paste, multiply, involved in the process, the final outcome isn’t “final” anymore, it becomes endless and just gets better and better.

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